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AFCLC Releases New Iraq Course

  • Published
  • By Lori Quiller, AFCLC Outreach Team

The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently updated its Iraq course to feature richer content, more user interactions, and optional course material.

“Whether you’re deploying to Iraq for the first time or have served there many times before, this updated course is essential for understanding the operational environment in Iraq, working with Iraqis from diverse backgrounds, and carrying out your mission successfully. We’ve worked hard to ensure the course is informative and interactive. Amidst all the pre-deployment training you’ll be required to do, I strongly believe this course is worth your while,” said Dr. Kristin Bashir, AFCLC’s Associate Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Middle East North Africa).

Course Description: Iraq is home to Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians and other ethnic groups, who practice Sunni or Shia Islam, among other religions. These identities and the interests of these groups guide and motivate the behavior of many Iraqis. This course will help you understand what motivates different Iraqis and how you can interact with them most effectively.

AFCLC’s new Iraq course is now live and accessible on the myLearning site through the Air Force Portal.

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