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AFCLC Meets NATO AEW&C Force in International Aircrew Cultural Training

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In mid-May, the Air Force Culture and Language Center faculty worked with the NATO AWACS unit at Geilenkirchen on a course to enhance interoperability across a crew force of 17 nations, which the team calls International Aircrew Cultural Training or INTERACT.

The course is intended to create cultural interoperability that translates into improved crew resource management in the tactical mission and positive relationships that pay strategic dividends long after the NATO AWACS assignment ends. Drs. Elizabeth Peifer, Kristin Bashir, Susan Steen, and Patricia Fogarty taught the three-day, 18-contact-hour course beginning at 0500 CST for an 18-member crew who recently arrived at the unit. 

“The scope of AFCLC’s mission is large,” said AFCLC Director Mr. Howard Ward. “We help both Airmen and Guardians to become more effective in enhancing interoperability with partners and adversary understanding. We do that through language, regional expertise, and culture education. Our faculty here are busy working in professional military education at all levels, and it is especially a privilege to be working with the NATO AWACS unit for INTERACT training.”

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