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Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Four Line of the Air Force Developmental Categories

  • Published
  • By Mikala McCurry, AFCLC Outreach Team

87 LEAP Scholars were recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in four of six Line of the Air Force specialized developmental categories: Air Operations and Special Warfare, Information Warfare, Nuclear and Missile Operations, and Cross Functional Operations. Congratulations on achieving this milestone in your careers!

Lt Col (s) Asif Alam
Lt Col (s) Steven E. Appleby
Lt Col (s) Justin D. Atwood
Lt Col (s) Ryan R. Bamford
Lt Col (s) Lyndsey R. Banks
Lt Col (s) Eduardo Barajas
Lt Col (s) Eric P. Beebe
Lt Col (s) John R. Berg
Lt Col (s) Ross M. Biechler
Lt Col (s) Alejandro M. Bihar
Lt Col (s) Matthew S. Bittner
Lt Col (s) Lauren E. Bogle
Lt Col (s) Anthony C. Bowman
Lt Col (s) Joshua P. Brady
Lt Col (s) James W. Bryant
Lt Col (s) James D. Camp
Lt Col (s) James A. Carfagno
Lt Col (s) Caitlin T. Curran
Lt Col (s) Bryan J. Davis
Lt Col (s) David W. Deal
Lt Col (s) Stefan G. Depaul
Lt Col (s) Paul A. Dragnich
Lt Col (s) Michelle R. Dryden
Lt Col (s) Adam Ertsey
Lt Col (s) Brad S. Fisher
Lt Col (s) George P. Fowler
Lt Col (s) Megan E. Gallagher
Lt Col (s) Justin L. Gibbons
Lt Col (s) Jonathan T. Goldstein
Lt Col (s) David S. Grames
Lt Col (s) Adam W. Greer
Lt Col (s) William P. Groth
Lt Col (s) Matthew D. Hall
Lt Col (s) James R. Henline
Lt Col (s) Daniel M. Hickman
Lt Col (s) Maximilian E. Hinton
Lt Col (s) Robert J. Hoggard
Lt Col (s) Aries C. Hopf
Lt Col (s) Jiemin Hou
Lt Col (s) Joel C. Houseman
Lt Col (s) David A. Johnson
Lt Col (s) Heidi M. Kaufman
Lt Col (s) Sean E. Kim
Lt Col (s) Kasey C. King
Lt Col (s) Celestine K. Lukshis
Lt Col (s) Dmitry Masharin
Lt Col (s) Jeremy L. Mckoy
Lt Col (s) Ryan M. Middleton
Lt Col (s) Brittany N. Morris
Lt Col (s) Erin K. Moubry
Lt Col (s) Thomas M. Nolta
Lt Col (s) Collin D. Obryant
Lt Col (s) Rodrigo I. Ocampo
Lt Col (s) Michael J. Odonnell
Lt Col (s) John C. Oeffinger
Lt Col (s) Christopher F. Oppenlander
Lt Col (s) Matthew T. Pate
Lt Col (s) Timothy E. Petrov
Lt Col (s) Daniel W. Purvis
Lt Col (s) Nicholas M. Rapp
Lt Col (s) Brent K. Reiss
Lt Col (s) Breon A. Releford
Lt Col (s) Julie A. Roloson
Lt Col (s) Gregory L. Rushing
Lt Col (s) Ryan D. Rutter
Lt Col (s) Claudio V. Santo
Lt Col (s) Adriel B. Schoenhals
Lt Col (s) Angel E. Serna
Lt Col (s) Jonathan L. Skinner
Lt Col (s) David M. Snyder
Lt Col (s) Roy E. Stone
Lt Col (s) Zachariah A. Thuli
Lt Col (s) Candice E. Tindall
Lt Col (s) Cindy M. Tope
Lt Col (s) Christopher C. Travelstead
Lt Col (s) David M. Trier
Lt Col (s) Jonathan E. Vazquez
Lt Col (s) Edson L. Veglio
Lt Col (s) Reinier T. Villanueva
Lt Col (s) Matthew S. Walker
Lt Col (s) Cheryl A. Watkins
Lt Col (s) Lacey L. Wheatley
Lt Col (s) Rosanna M. Williams
Lt Col (s) Seongmin Yang
Lt Col (s) Elias Yousefi
Lt Col (s) David J. Yu
Lt Col (s) Joanna J. Zemek

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