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Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Colonel

  • Published
  • By Mikala McCurry, AFCLC Outreach Team

Congratulations to the LEAP Scholars and Foreign Area Officers who were recently promoted to the rank of Colonel in four Line of the Air Force developmental categories: Cross Functional Operations; Combat Support; Nuclear and Missile Operations; and Air Operations and Special Warfare. We applaud you all for reaching this milestone in your careers!

Col (s) Arthur Barton

Col (s) Dear Beloved

Col (s) Andrew Bruce

Col (s) Nathan Bump

Col (s) Robin Cadow

Col (s) Marco Cardenas

Col (s) Mark Cramer

Col (s) Nathan Dennen

Col (s) Matthew Fahrner

Col (s) Jason Hansberger

Col (s) Naomi Henigin

Col (s) Zoltan Homonnay

Col (s) Nathan Kibby

Col (s) David Kim

Col (s) Jonathan Magill

Col (s) David Manrrique

Col (s) Michael Mckenzie

Col (s) Michael Middents

Col (s) Brian Mix

Col (s) Vrettos Notaras

Col (s) Michal Polidor

Col (s) Matthew Polus

Col (s) Erin Reynolds

Col (s) Raymond Rounds

Col (s) Steven Schnoebelen

Col (s) Christopher Skow

Col (s) Tony Stibral

Col (s) John Szczepanski

Col (s) James Valpiani

Col (s) Thomas Walsh

Col (s) Ming Xu

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