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AFCLC, Air University move to cloud-based system to optimize access

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  • By Mikala McCurry, AFCLC Outreach Team

The Department of the Air Force, Air Education and Training Command, and Air University have a top strategic priority in common - the modernization of infrastructure to enhance access to resources for Airmen. The Air Force Culture and Language Center and Air University answered the call to address this priority for Airmen and Department of Defense users with the recent migration of its Language Enabled Development Resource, or LEaDeR, to a cloud-based system.

“No organization outruns its I.T.,” AFCLC Director Howard Ward said. “This migration to a cloud-based system will completely transform how we interact with our partner organizations and sister services in the future while enhancing access to training, education, and resources for language-enabled and cross-culturally competent service members globally.”

The move to the Cloud One environment, which occurred on September 9, 2023, was the culmination of a two-year code refactor and data integration project aimed to increase accessibility and functionality for all users while posturing the AFCLC for expanded collaboration with strategic mission partners across the Department of Defense.

“With LEaDeR on a cloud-based platform, we can improve reliability and long-term integration with other systems. This move also allows the AFCLC team to implement software enhancements and fortify cybersecurity and functionality for the future as we continue to serve as the Air Force’s Global Classroom,” AFCLC’s Language Division Chief Christopher Chesser said.

A recent Defense News article emphasized how the U.S. Air Force is prioritizing the delivery of cloud-based command-and-control networks across the globe. AFCLC and Air University also saw the critical importance and need to utilize a cloud-based system to enhance integration and access across the force and with other branches and governmental agencies.

According to Scott Wilson, Chief of the Enterprise Cloud Services Division, Air University/A6M, “LEaDeR's successful execution of Cloud One Migration seamlessly integrates with the overarching objectives delineated by the Air Education and Training Command, the United States Air Force, and the comprehensive Department of Defense Cloud Implementation Strategy. This notable endeavor constitutes a pivotal facet of AU's transformational journey.”

LEaDeR is a language-enabled training management system designed to facilitate career-spanning development for total force Airmen. Language Enabled Airmen Program Scholars, Foreign Area Officers, Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents, Mobility Support Advisory Squadron members, and other individuals who participate in AFCLC’s online learning modules can manage their student profiles, network, access resources, and connect with AFCLC staff through the LEaDeR platform.

DOD and inter-governmental agencies are also able to request critical language and culture support through LEaDeR to integrate LEAP Scholars and FAOs in exercises, mobile training teams, international conferences, and translation projects by submitting Training Partnership Requests. These processes are now faster and more secure, accessible, and efficient through the Cloud One platform.

“The judicious employment of MaaS (Migration as a Service) within the purview of Cloud One has significantly contributed to the resolution of modernization challenges, alongside the ongoing transformation of existing platforms. In tandem, these initiatives achieve the dual objectives of cost optimization and the amplification of operational capabilities, transcending the conventional boundaries associated with traditional data center infrastructures,” Wilson added.

Individuals with a Common Access Card can access LEaDeR as a program participant, LEAP applicant, requestor of LEAP support, or visitor at 

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