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  • AFCLC, Air University move to cloud-based system to optimize access

    The United States Air Force, Air Education and Training Command, and Air University have a top strategic priority in common - the modernization of infrastructure to enhance access to resources for Airmen. The Air Force Culture and Language Center and Air University answered the call to address this

  • Connecting the Dots for the Korean Marine Exchange Program

    As a Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar, I had a unique opportunity to participate in the Korean Marine Exchange Program 23-1 as an interpreter. KMEP, a regularly scheduled training exercise between U.S. Marine Corps and ROK Marine Corps, featured bilateral training between the 3d Maintenance

  • Never Leave an Airman Behind

    LEAP Scholar and Air National Guard service member Lt. Col. Joshua Bibb speaks Danish, which is considered a low-density language. Bibb recently utilized his Danish language skillset with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to bridge language gaps and overcome communication barriers during an

  • Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Master Sergeant

    Congratulations to the Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars who were recently selected for promotion to the rank of master sergeant! 31 of the 4,040 service members selected for promotion in this year’s highly competitive process are LEAP Scholars, which is the highest number of LEAP enlisted

  • Speaking Air-Forcefully: The Gonculator Knows Best

    Today’s Speaking Air Forcefully term is “the gonculator” – a mythical, mysterious problem-solving machine that crunches overwhelming masses of data and then offers an optimal solution.

  • LEAP Scholars Build Partner Interoperability with African Partners

    Eleven Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars accomplished the charge of building partner interoperability with our African nation partners through language support that aided the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing and 409th Air Expeditionary Group with enhancing water sustainment at Nigerien Air Base

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