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AFCLC now has 17 Field Guides focused on the Indo-Pacific region

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  • By Lori Quiller, AFCLC Outreach Team

Keeping in step with the recently released PACAF Strategy 2030 Evolving Airpower, the Air Force Culture and Language Center has released the latest of its Expeditionary Culture Field Guides specifically focused on the Indo-Pacific region. These 17 culture guides are easily accessible on the AFCLC Culture Guide app or website.

These latest additions to AFCLC’s arsenal of Culture Guides create depth in the ECFG inventory spanning continental Asia into the Pacific Ocean’s second island chain. As Airmen train to be agile combat-ready, these Culture Guides bring a vast range of cultural education and training directly to their mobile devices and are prepared for immediate deployment.

“Our strategy and operating concept both hinge upon successful integration with a host nation. This is happening in some familiar locations as well as new locations in the region. Relevant culture education delivered via a platform that keeps pace with world events is foundational to our strategy. That’s why we’ve developed Expeditionary Culture Field Guides to deliver invaluable cultural information into every Airman’s pocket,” explained AFCLC Director Howard Ward. “And today, we’ve achieved depth in areas such as the INDOPACOM region where leveraging our capability for partner interoperability and integrated deterrence depends markedly on the ability of our forces to understand the cultures and languages of our counterparts for ACE to be a credible deterrent.”

The Expeditionary Culture Field Guides are designed to help U.S. forces achieve mission success in culturally complex environments. Each guide is packed with and complements other training media, such as online training and hands-on instruction.

Part of PACAF Strategy 2030 includes preparing for the fight by strengthening alliances and partnerships and shaping the information environment – two things AFCLC’s Culture Guides strive to accomplish through informed communication, building rapport with U.S. Forces, and laying the groundwork for Integrated Deterrence.

To learn how cultural awareness advances Agile Combat Employment, explore AFCLC’s Field Guides in the AFCLC Culture Guide mobile app and our videos on Language and Culture as ACE enablers.

View the INDOPACOM Culture Guides video here.

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