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  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Kenny Maeng

    “It’s been amazing being a part of LEAP because it has helped me to improve my language skills and allowed me to return back to my birthplace to gain cultural/regional expertise. As a LEAP Scholar, I know I play a big role in meeting not only the Secretary of Defense’s priority of strengthening

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Spencer Snow

    “I am thankful LEAP has given me a formal setting to continue studying Mandarin Chinese, and it has provided me with unique immersion and learning experiences. I will continue to actively participate in the program and hope to become increasingly involved in Air Force work that requires the language

  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Shelton

    “As much as I struggle between two very different cultures as a 1.5 generation immigrant and feel the pain of fighting the battles to resolve the conflicts, I also feel empowered and obligated to utilize this gift and ability to help others overcome misunderstandings and bridge cultures and

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. William Watson

    “Oftentimes, rated members are so zoned in on tactics and our specialty, it can lead to tunnel vision. LEAP allows me to take a step back and put all the pieces together to get a broader context and be a better officer and Airman. I think that’s what the Air Force is looking for," Chinese LEAP

  • LEAP Spotlight: 1st Lt. Jason Pluger

    “Overall, I’ve had an excellent experience in LEAP. Being a LEAP Scholar has gone a long way toward helping me both maintain and further my language ability," Chinese Mandarin LEAP Scholar 1st Lt. Jason Pluger said.

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Jimmy Chien

    “I wish more people knew about LEAP and the resources and experiences it can provide. LEAP is absolutely vital in ensuring the Air Force develops personnel with language and cultural skillsets. These skillsets will become invaluable as we continue to leverage and foster our partnerships across the

  • AFCLC Faculty Tackles Indo-Pacific Basing with Research Task Force

    Dr. Jessica Jordan, the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Assistant Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Asia), is accelerating learning for Airmen and Guardians by facilitating a two-term research elective to explore military basing in the Indo-Pacific Region from August 2021 until

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