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  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Andrew Pommersheim

    "My LEAP training really came into play this past summer when I went to Japan as part of an international agreement between the U.S. government and Japan’s Space Policy Secretariat. This experience stretched the viability of my Japanese while contributing to an important mission, which was

  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Joshiro Nagashima

    "The Language Enabled Airman Program has provided extraordinary experiences and opportunities. I am seeing the bigger picture of bilateral force, which has given me more enjoyment and fulfillment as an Airman. LEAP also made me rethink my career and ultimately re-enlist, as I enjoy being a LEAP

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Joanne Whitlock

    "LEAP has given me the opportunity to be closer to my heritage and language while representing the Air Force. More than ever, the Air Force values cultural competency and language proficiency," Tagalog LEAP Scholar Maj. Joanne Whitlock said.

  • AFCLC now has 17 Field Guides focused on the Indo-Pacific region

    Keeping in step with the recently released PACAF Strategy 2030 Evolving Airpower, the Air Force Culture and Language Center has released the latest of its Expeditionary Culture Field Guides specifically focused on the Indo-Pacific region. These 17 culture guides are easily accessible on the AFCLC

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