What's Your Story?

All organizations have stories. The stories are largely focused on people. Within the Department of Defense we have amazing individuals that accomplish extraordinary feats. Stories provide context and meaning to oftentimes complicated or confusing situations. Complex operations are made more understandable and accessible through the eyes of an individual and his or her experience.

Empowering those within your organization to share their experiences, views and convictions is predicated on the trust of leaders. Organizations are made stronger through the individuals who comprise the institution. Regardless of the mission, people will always lend the most compelling narrative to groups efforts.

Nesting individual stories within the broader organizational story not only inspires, but reinforces the very best of an organization's culture.

Below is an example of an organizational story that highlights the people and innovation that comprise the organization.


Below are examples of stories that move the heart and captivate the thoughts of the viewer. While storytellers may not always have certain capabilities or platforms available, great storytellers push the boundaries of their medium to highlight people and the organizations to which they belong.

Ask yourself what makes these stories powerful and how you can incorporate similar aspects into your communication efforts.


A Family to Call Her Own


The Perfect Edge