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Brown Bag Lessons: The Magic of Bullet Writing

  • Published
  • By Eric R. Jaren
  • Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL

This author unlocks the “magic” of effective bullet writing through proven techniques.  Following them guarantees immediate improvement for anyone who has struggled with formulating statements for recognition packages and appraisals.  The author emphasizes that the “struggle to write comes to an end!” Skillful writing doesn’t have to be difficult.  After reading this book, you will fully understand how to write bullets and why every word matters.  Chief Jaren introduced these techniques at a seminar to teach a fair, consistent process to evaluate recognition packages.  By following these guidelines, an entire organization was transformed within six months.  Since then, these concepts have decisively transformed the writing, recognition, and promotions of every organization applying them.  These practices continue to positively impact the Air Force and sister services through professional military education.  In addition, they have helped transitioning service members and college students better communicate acquired capabilities and competencies on their résumés.  Are you ready for the magic?


AuthorEric R. Jaren
AU Press CodeB-150
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