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Interagency Regional Foreign Policy Implementation

  • Published
  • By Robert S. Pope
  • Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL
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This is a must read for those involved in developing foreign policy or directing contingency and/or peacekeeping operations in the field. Colonel Pope applies his experience with the CIA and USCENTCOM, among other assignments, to enlighten his examination of the multiagency structure that plans, synchronizes, and executes US foreign policy at the regional level. Pope wades through the myriad of interagency structures to analyze current practices and how they are viewed internally by the agencies and individuals involved as well as how they appear to those most affected—our friends and foes in the respective regions. The need for process improvement is well illustrated through his examination of how the interagency worked or did not work during contingency operations from Vietnam through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The author proposes a reform model and discusses how it can best be implemented.


AuthorPope, Col Robert S., PhD, USAF
AU Press CodeB-134

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