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Airhead Operations

  • Published
  • By John L. Cirafici
  • Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL

Colonel Cirafici reviews airhead activity in contingencies during World War II and in operations Urgent Fury, Just Cause, Desert Shield/Storm and Restore Hope. He examines the newly activated Air Mobility Command (AMC) structure within the theater and discusses the Somali civil war to illustrate how airhead's air mobility forces fit into the overall scheme of force deployment, reassembly, employment, and sustainment. Colonel Cirafici identifies some problems and needed improvements and recommends that AMC look beyond past successes and provide greater effort toward training and exercises to promote jointness at all operational levels. [John L. Cirafici / 1995 / 109 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-057-4 / AU Press Code: B-60]

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