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Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine: Basic Thinking in the United States Air Force, 1961-1984, Vol. II

  • Published
  • By Robert Frank Futrell
  • Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL

In this volume, the author traces the new directions that Air Force strategy, policies, and thinking took during the Kennedy administration, the Vietnam War, and the post-Vietnam period. Futrell outlines how the Air Force struggled with President Kennedy's redefinition of national security policy and Robert S. McNamara's managerial style as secretary of defense. He describes how the Air Force argued that airpower should be used during the war in Southeast Asia. He chronicles the evolution of doctrine and organization regarding strategic, tactical, and airlift capabilities and the impact that the aerospace environment and technology had on Air Force thinking and doctrine. [Robert Frank Futrell / 1989 / 803 pages / ISBN 1-58566-030-2 / AU Press Code: B-32]

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