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The Future of Airpower in the Aftermath of the Gulf War

  • Published
  • By Richard H. Shultz Jr. and Robert L. Pfaltzgraff Jr.
  • Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL

This collection of essays reflects the proceedings of a 1991 conference on "The United States Air Force: Aerospace Challenges and Missions in the 1990s," sponsored by the USAF and Tufts University. The 20 contributors comment on the pivotal role of airpower in the war with Iraq and address issues and choices facing the USAF, such as the factors that are reshaping strategies and missions, the future role and structure of airpower as an element of US power projection, and the aerospace industry's views on what the Air Force of the future will set as its acquisition priorities and strategies. The authors agree that aerospace forces will be an essential and formidable tool in US security policies into the next century. The contributors include academics, high-level military leaders, government officials, journalists, and top executives from aerospace and defense contractors. [Richard H. Shultz Jr. and Robert L. Pfaltzgraff Jr. / 1992 / 386 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-046-9 / AU Press Code: B-48]



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