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A Global Space Control Strategy
By Dr. B. T. Cesul

A Separate Space Force
By Col Michael C. Whittington, USAF

Beyond Horizons
By David N. Spires; George W. Bradley III, sr. ed.; Rick W. Sturdevant and Richard S. Eckert

Beyond the Paths of Heaven
By Bruce M. DeBlois

Brandishing Our Air, Space, and Cyber Swords: Recommendations for Deterrence and Beyond
Lt Col Mark Reith, USAF, PhD

Centralized Control of Space
By Maj Ricky B. Kelly, USAF

CSAT 69: Finding the Shape of Space
By John P. Geis II, Amanda S. Birch, and Tosha Meredith

Doolittle Series 18: Multi-Domain Operations
By Air Force Lessons Learned

Engineering the Space Age
By Lt Col Robert V. Brulle, USAF, Retired

Enhancing Security by Promoting Responsible Behavior in Space
By Ambassador Gregory L. Schulte, Audrey M. Schaffer

Implementing the National Security Space Strategy
By Gen C. Robert Kehler, USAF

Into the Unknown Together
By Lt Col Mark Erickson, USAF

Maintaining Space Superiority
By Capt Albert C. Harris III, USAF

Movement and Maneuver in Deep Space: A Framework to Leverage Advanced Propulsion
By Maj Brian E. Hans, Maj Christopher D. Jefferson, and Maj Joshua M. Wehrle

NASA in the Second Space Age: Exploration, Partnering, and Security
By Todd Harrison and Nahmyo Thomas

New Frontiers, Old Realities
By Everett Carl Dolman

Persistent Space Situation Awareness for the Guardians of the High Frontier
By Roberta Ewart

Preparing for the Next Space Race
By Maj Paul M. Gesl, USAF

Expansion or Marginalization: How Effects-Based Organization Could Determine the Future of Air Force Space Command
By Edward B. “Mel” Tomme, DPhil

Space and Cyber: Shared Challenges, Shared Opportunities
By Madelyn R. Creedon

Space as a War-fighting Domain
By Lt Gen David “D. T.” Thompson, USAF, Col Gregory J. Gagnon, USAF, Maj Christopher W. McLeod, USAF

Space Force Déjà Vu
By Everett C. Dolman

Space Power Integration
By Kendall K. Brown

Space Primer
By Air Command and Staff College

Space Situational Awareness
By Dr. Gene H. McCall, John H. Darrah

Space Sustainment
By Lt Col Kris Barcomb, USAF

Twenty-First Century Deterrence in the Space War-Fighting Domain: Not Your Father’s Century, Deterrence, or Domain
By Maj Bryan Boyce, USAF, retired

Space: Disruptive Challenges, New Opportunities, and New Strategies
By Lt Gen Ellen Pawlikowski, USAF, Doug Loverro, DISES, USAF, Col Tom Cristler, USAF, Retired,

Ten Propositions Regarding Spacepower
By M. V. Smith

The Changing Dynamics of Twenty-First-Century Space Power
By James Clay Moltz

Space: Tomorrow and Beyond
By Lt Gen Garry Trexler

The Paths of Heaven
By Phillip S. Meilinger

Tough Tommy’s Space Force: General Thomas S. Power and the Air Force Space Program
By Maj Brent D. Ziarnick

Toward an Air and Space Force
By Lt Col Mark P. Jelonek

Whither Space Power?
By Simon P. Worden and John E. Shaw

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