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Lt Col Christina D. Karvwnaris

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Author of A+ Toolkit: For Command Teams and Spouses

Lt Col Christina D. Karvwnaris, Chief, Academic Outreach, Public Affairs, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama. Lt Col Karvwnaris is currently engaging with academic institutions and local schools to foster awareness and support for military connected children in the area. She is the deputy chair of the Air University Public K-12 Education Working Group charged by the Air University Commander to identify, recommend, and implement ways to improve public K-12 educational options for military-connected children in the River Region.




A+ Toolkit: For Command Teams and Spouses

The A+ Toolkit was developed to support Command Teams – commanders, senior enlisted leaders, and spouses – who want (or need) to enhance public education options for their personnel. It provides an approach, resources, and examples to help address the most common K-12 challenges affecting military installations.


Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 9 - Dr. Brian Selmeski on "A+ Toolkit for Public K-12 education"


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