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Going Virtual: Evolution of the Student Experience Ecosystem (SEE) Model to the SEE Model 2.0 and the Virtual (vSEE) Model

  • Published
  • By John M. Hinck and Steven B. Davis

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The US Air Force Leadership Development Course (LDC), taught in a classroom environment from 2018 to 2020, pivoted to an entirely virtual teaching platform in early 2020. LDC faculty, wanting to retain the experience and outcomes of the interactive, in-person course while recasting the curriculum in line with pandemic realities, researched lessons from recent literature and expanded the Student Experience Ecosystem (SEE) Model. This effort resulted in an updated model (SEE Model 2) and a virtual version (vSEE) as the research answered the questions:

  • - To what extent can the SEE Model for in-resident learning environments be updated based on student and instructor input?
  • - How does the SEE Model apply to teaching via a virtual LDC?
  • - What lessons learned and recommendations can be taken from this study to inform other programs and educators going virtual?


AuthorsJohn M. Hinck and Steven B. Davis
AU Press CodeEP-4

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