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Basing Strategies for Air Refueling Forces in Antiaccess/Area-Denial Environments

  • Published
  • By Robert C. Owen

Modern antiaccess/area-denial (A2/AD) systems threaten forward-based air refueling units. To mitigate those threats, various basing options are explored: hardening of aircraft shelters and support facilities, disaggregation of refueling units among prepared bases, and agile disaggregation among more austere base infrastructures. Also discussed is the potential value of introducing a midsized “tactical” tanker to the fleet able to operate from airfields substantially shorter and more weakly surfaced than those from which the current fleet of modified airliners must operate. The study concludes by recommending greater focus on agile disaggregation, acquisition of a fleet segment of tactical tankers, and directions for further analysis.


AuthorRobert C. Owen
AU Press CodeAP-111
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