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Advancing America’s Space Characterization Ecosystem: An Organizational, Technological, and Data-Driven Approach to Addressing Tomorrow’s Space Conflicts

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  • By Lt Col Jason Holt, USSF, Lt Col Johann Pambianchi, USSF, and Lt Cdr Barrett Sleeper, USN

This paper aims to provide organizational and technological recommendations to the burgeoning problems associated with the congested and contested space domain and offers a Space Characterization Ecosystem data architectural construct to address the complex data issues to provide leaders decision-ready information. By supplying a novel concept entitled the Space Characterization Ecosystem, the authors better define the nuances of relationships and responsibilities in the space domain while adding clarity to the global nature of the problem. Through a historical and contemporary analysis of the evolution of the Space Situational Awareness and Space Domain Awareness arenas, the authors establish the significant role that the new Space Characterization Ecosystems plays in American space security interests now and in the future. This work contributes a broad investigation of relevant organizations in the military, commercial, and Intelligence Community sectors that capture historical context to provide various organizational and technical recommendations to the space community. Space scholars, enthusiasts, operators, engineers, and leaders may find motivation to address the problem of gaining and maintaining freedom of action and freedom of maneuver in a highly contested and competitive space threat environment. The authors aim to establish a 21st Space Characterization Ecosystem primer for future generations to assume the leading role in an unending race towards American and allied space security.


AuthorsLt Col Jason Holt, Lt Col Johann Pambianchi, and Lt Cdr Barrett Sleeper
AU Press CodeFP-27
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