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Cyberspace in War

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  • By Alphanso Adams
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Strategies for cyberspace have focused primarily on the consequences of operations “in” and “with” cyberspace. These discussions, typically centered on cyberwar or cyberwarfare, presume access to cyberspace to be present, resilient, and adequate for military operations. However, the physical infrastructure providing access to cyberspace is an avenue to exert control over the domain. Because the US Air Force and US Space Force will need to operate in access-constrained environments, it is imperative to explore how the US Air Force has operated with similar constraints in the past. In this historical study, the author analyses the challenges and impacts of communications infrastructure on military operations from the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. Extrapolated from these past experiences are lessons that can apply to the physical components of cyberspace to help shape military strategies for the future.


Author(s)Alphanso Adams
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