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Tailwinds features interviews with authors and other experts, discussing issues related to air force and space force operations, innovation, leadership, force structure, doctrine, and military strategy. 

Tailwinds Podcast

  1. Tailwinds Ep 4 WilmerBettinger

    The latest episode of Tailwinds features 1st Lt Adam Wilmer and Lt Col Robert Bettinger, PhD, discussing their article, "Beyond the High Ground: A Taxonomy for Earth-Moon System Operations," featured in the Summer 2022 issue of Air & Space Operations Review.
  2. Tailwinds Episode 3, Dr. Brian Fry

    In this episode of Tailwinds, we visit with Dr. Brian Fry about his articles, "Mobilizing Uniformed Scientists and Engineers," in the Fall 2021 issue of Air & Space Power Journal and "Taking the Brakes Off Uniformed Scientists and Engineers," in the Spring 2022 issue of Air & Space Operations Review."
  3. Tailwinds Ep 2 Davitch 0607

    In Episode 2, Lt Col Jim Davitch discusses his Air & Space Operations Review Spring 2022 article, Dealing with Disinformation: Barriers to Success and a Path Forward.
  4. Tailwinds Episode 1

    In the first episode of Tailwinds, we visit with COL Walter Richter, US Army Attache in Berlin, Germany, about his fall 2021 Air and Space Power Journal article that proposes ways the United States can counter Russian influence through security assistance mechanisms. These include leveraging existing Allied and partner maintenance capabilities, working with existing US partnership efforts, and improving the FMS Total Package Approach.


Æther: The Podcast features Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower authors and guests discussing national and international security topics as they relate to airpower and spacepower. 

Æther Podcast

  1. Aether: The Podcast - Episode 1

    The first Episode of Æther: The Podcast features Dr. Chris Cain, the first editor of Strategic Studies Quarterly, discussing the inaugural issue of Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower.

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder (ISSN 2689-6478) is a peer-reviewed online journal and forum focused on military-related thought and dialogue. 

Wild Blue Yonder On The Air

  1. Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 18 - Drs. Megan Hennessey & Stephanie Erwin on dynamics of gender equity in PME

    Drs. Megan Hennessey & Stephanie Erwin discuss their research on the dynamics of gender equity in Professional Military Education (PME).
  2. Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 17 - Dr. Sheila Young on Climate Change

    Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 17 - Dr. Sheila Young on Climate Change
  3. Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 16 - Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 16 - Prof. Anna Batta on Russian minorities and the Russian diaspora

    Prof. Anna Batta talks about Russian minorities and the Russian diaspora.
  4. Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 15 - Dr. Mehmed Ali on new DODI on military education

    Dr. Mehmed Ali talks about the new DODI on military education.
  5. Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Episode 14 - Dr. Richard Newton of the RAF and Tribal Control

    Dr. Richard Newton of the RAF and Tribal Control



Indo-Pacific Affairs

The podcast of the Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, in collaboration with ACSC and the Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers.

Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast

  1. Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast - Episode 10

    Dr. Jared McKinney interviews Michael Miklaucic, senior fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at National Defense University and editor of PRISM, the Journal of Complex Operations.
  2. Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast - Episode 9

    Captain Shaquille James and Lt Col Sze Miller interview the Mitchell Institute's Dan Rice on the topics of China and great-power competition.
  3. Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast - Episode 8

    Ambassador Dan Shields shares his insights on Brunei, Southeast Asia, and the Indo-Pacific writ large. Interviewers Dr. Jared McKinney and Lt Col Sze Miller moderate.
  4. Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast - Episode 7

    Dr. Bruce A. Elleman, professor of international history at the US Naval War College, presents his views on Taiwan and other Indo-Pacific related topics.
  5. Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast - Episode 6

    1st Lieutenant Shaquille H. James, USAF, and Lt Col Sze Miller, USAF, interview retired Army colonel David S. Maxwell, a world-renowned subject-matter expert regarding the Korean peninsula.

Indo-Pacific Visions

An official product of JIPA, this program fosters intellectual, international discourse on a wide-array of topics associated with the Indo-Pacific region.

Indo-Pacific Visions

  1. Indo-Pacific Visions - Episode 5

    Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell interviews Hollie McKay, war correspondent, writer, war crimes investigator, and author of “Only Cry for the Living: Memos from Inside the ISIS Battlefield.” (Jocko Publishing/Di Angelo Publications 2021). McKay was an investigative and international affairs/war correspondent for Fox News Digital for more than 14 years, where she focused on war, terrorism, and crimes against humanity.
  2. Indo-Pacific Visions - Episode 4

    In this episode, Fabio van Loon interviews Mr. James Cunningham, the team lead for security-sector assistance for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). Mr. Cunningham has led the teams for SIGAR’s lessons-learned reports, including the recently published one entitled Collapse of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces: An Assessment of the Factors That Led to Its Demise. Mr. Cunningham has been working on Afghan security issues for 16 years, including a decade as an intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency.
  3. Indo-Pacific Visions - Episode 3

    Rushali Saha interviews Dr. Stephen Robert Nagy on the topic of middle powers in the Indo-Pacific.
  4. Indo-Pacific Visions - Episode 2

    Dr. Vandana Bhatia interviews Dr. Hyun Ji Rim on the topic of Korean geopolitics.
  5. Indo-Pacific Visions - Episode 1

    Dr. Vandana Bhatia, a senior researcher with the Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers, interviews Dr. Frank O'Donnell, deputy director of the Stimson Center's South Asia Program on the topic of Sino-Indian relations.