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  • Beyond Concorde: FOD Detection in the Twenty-First Century

    Twenty-one years after Concorde flights tragically ended, universities and private industry are pioneering artificially intelligent technologies that detect foreign object debris (FOD). These advancements, partly born from the disaster, highlight crucial optimization opportunities with the potential

  • Supply Chain Complexities: A Military Intelligence Approach

    A global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and unprecedented weather events have exposed the fragility of the global supply chain, resulting in significant disruptions at all levels. To adequately address these concerns, the Air Force must employ a holistic approach to map and monitor its DIB

  • T-AOS: A New Model for Competition

    By fielding five regionally aligned theater-air operations squadrons (T-AOS), Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has an opportunity to more decisively engage in emerging possibilities associated with strategic competition. In conjunction with the US Air Force’s agile combat

  • The Angle of Attack: AC-130s, Relevance, and the Future Fight

    AFSOC is at a strategic inflection point, and the AC-130J community is ready to embrace the impending changes. While the AC-130J has obvious vulnerabilities to higher-generation, peer and near-peer platform threats, remaining relevant means identifying ways to mitigate the risks these aircraft

  • Developing Technology with Allies and Partners

    Improving defense acquisitions requires an upcycle system that can make use of what would currently be wasted investment, focusing on where the United States has the ability to openly collaborate with its Allies and partners on technology development as if they were a US entity. This would also

  • Toxic Senior Military Leaders in the Cockpit

    As officers, pilots can become toxic leaders both in and out of the aircraft. Such pilots negatively affect a unit’s performance, morale, and safety. If not corrected, toxic pilots can continue to rise in rank and flight qualifications and can create an adverse environment that extends

  • The Silver Lining in Information Warfare

    Many decisionmakers incorrectly assume weather’s best, if not only utility is in its most perishable form, such as area forecasts, flight weather briefings (DD Form 175-1s), and three-day forecasts. Despite exceptional progress in meteorology over the past 60 years, its use by military

  • Enterprise Investments: The United States Has Been Here Before

    As the United States of America stands on the precipice of another revolution of military affairs, it is important to remember it has been here before. The acquisition enterprise that molds these technologies into military capabilities must continue to develop and modernize to assure continued