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Agroterrorism: National Defense Assessment, Strategies, and Capabilities

United States Air Force Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL --


uture Warfare Series No. 10 The Anthrax Vaccine Debate: A Medical Review for Commanders 20 Randall J. Larsen and Patrick D. Ellis Future Warfare Series No. 20 Defending the American Homeland 1993-2003 30 Tanja M. Korpi and Christopher Hemmer Future Warfare Series No. 30 Avoiding Panic and Keeping the Ports Open in a Chemical and Biological Threat Environment A Literature Review 40 Lieutenant Colonel Fred P. Stone, USAF Future Warfare Series No. 40 The “Worried Well” Response to CBRN Events: Analysis and Solu�ons Non-U.S. Deterrence Strategies: What Must the United States Be Prepared For? AY19 Strategic Deterrence Research Papers (Vol II)

Agroterrorism: National Defense Assessment, Strategies, and Capabilities

Edited by Albert Mauroni and Robert Norton

The USAF CSDS, in partnership with Auburn University, collected a selection of academic studies on the challenges of agroterrorism to the United States. These chapters include discussions on the historical threat and contemporary challenges, U.S. policies and capabilities, and recommendations on how to improve U.S. policies and capabilities for the future.



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