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ClassificationCourse NameCourse DescriptionTarget AudienceDelivery MethodDuration
UnclassifiedNuclear Weapon Related Materiel (NWRM) Fundamentals CourseThis course was developed because highly publicized nuclear-related incidents and high-level investigations of management and accountability of nuclear-related materiel identified substantial gaps in policy and training. As a result, both the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the United States Air Force, issued policies requiring specialized training for all personnel responsible for handling NWRM assets.USAF E1 O6, civilians, and contractorsOnline/ Distance Learning20 Mins
UnclassifiedNuclear Weapons Inventory/ Management Audit Refresher CourseDesigned for MASOs in order to enhance their knowledge in order to effectively execute a Semiannual Inventory Report and Management Audit and the execution of their respective duties.USAF O1-O4Online/ Distance LearningSelf-paced
UnclassifiedNuclear Weapons-Related Materiel Accountable Officer TrainingProvides personnel filling the role of Nuclear Weapons-related Material Accountable Officer (NWRMAO) foundational training prior to assuming the duties. Used in conjunction with the NWRM course.AF LRS/CC, Officer or SNCO, DAF Civilian GS-11 or above with no LRSOnline/ Distance LearningSelf-paced