J-100 Scholarship Information

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The J-100 AFJROTC Character-in-Leadership Scholarship program provides 100 cadets a full scholarship with benefits.

· Four years of 100% paid tuition at any university, or crosstown partner, with an AFROTC detachment
· A $10,000 per-year allowance for university-owned/on-campus housing
· An annual book stipend, and a monthly cadet stipend.

Accepting the scholarship will require a cadet to meet all AFROTC requirements and pursue an officer commission.

The J-100 scholarship program focuses on character, leadership, citizenship, and diversity and it inspires future leaders to seek careers in the US Air Force and Space Force. The J-100 program is open to all eligible cadets and is designed to provide an extraordinary opportunity for our diverse pool of candidates. Unit instructors are highly encouraged to take advantage of this remarkable program.

Nomination and Eligibility Details

The J-100 scholarship is for AFJROTC or SFJROTC graduating high school seniors with a minimum of 2 or more years of JROTC experience. Unit instructors may nominate 1 to 4 eligible cadets for this scholarship program, based on unit size. Cadets must ACCEPT the nomination before they can continue with the application. Declinations will reset the unit nomination allocation to allow instructors to nominate another cadet.

1-100 Active Cadets = 1 Nomination
101-200 Active Cadets = 2 Nominations
201-300 Active Cadets = 3 Nominations
301 or more Active Cadets = 4 Nominations

Applicant Eligibility Criteria:

· 3.0 unweighted GPA
· 22 ACT or 1100 SAT
· 75 Physical Fitness Score (based on new 2023 AFJROTC fitness standards)
· Minimum of 2 calendar years of AFJROTC experience
· US Citizen, or in the process obtaining their US citizenship by first term of college freshman year

Governing Instruction
Air Force Body Composition Policy

The application process starts with instructors nominating an eligible cadet(s). Nominated cadets must meet all minimum eligibility requirements in order to move forward with the application process. It is imperative that SASI/ASIs pre-screen potential candidates and consider well-rounded cadets who have demonstrated leadership, character, and citizenship in and out of JROTC. Certain modules in the application require instructor validation of cadet data input, so please ensure enough time is allotted for both instructor and cadet actions. No extensions will be granted to the application deadline.

Instructors and potentially nominated applicants should review AFROTC’s university list. Nominated applicants are encouraged to start college application actions prior to the J-100 application deadline. This is critical, as any AFJROTC scholarship select must have a Letter of Acceptance from their school of choice to accept the scholarship.