Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Research Articles

  • Chinese Irregular Warfare

    Captain Jeffrey D. WalshAs our National Defense Strategy (NDS) changes from insurgency or counter terrorism operations to great power of competition. We have fallen behind some key actors. In fact, some players have been playing this game for a long time while the US has been focused on other areas.

  • Defining Political Sovereignty: the Perspective of Taiwan

    Captain Jennifer TomlinsonThe governing party of the United States and the ruling party in Taiwan has historically influenced the direction of independence that Taiwan seeks from China. As the Chinese communist party (CCP) continues to hone its military, economic, and political influence over the


    Captain James W. NolanSince 1949, the People's Republic of China (PRC) routinely challenged U.S. leadership and strategy regarding Taiwan. The PRC took advantage of the U.S. focus on counterterrorism operations by challenging international norms and policy toward Taiwan. The proximity of PRC


    Captain Michael CaulfieldIn May 2020, Chinese Premier Le Keqiang published the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s annual work report, a document that recaps economic accomplishments in the year prior and lays out objectives for the year ahead. Normally, the publication receives little

  • JADC2 Will Not Win the Conflict: Rethinking C2 in a China-Taiwan Scenario

    Captain Esther YoonJoint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) is touted as an upgrade to current military command and control by integrating kinetic platforms, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) assets, and various nodes across an all-domain and wide-ranging battlespace. This

  • Security: What To Do Before You Arrive

    As soon as you find out you are attending ISR200 in person, please have your SSO submit a Visit Cert Request: JPAS SMO code: SSO AU (Please type SMO code exactly as listed)POC: Ms. Ceressa RicePOC Phone: 334-953-6715Date of Visit: 7-10 Nov 2022Reason for Visit: Participation in ISR 200 Class

  • How Do I ISR-200?

    What Do I Do Now That I Know I'm Attending ISR-200?Click on each of the articles. Follow the instructions listed. If you need help please contact the POCs. Let us know if you have any questions. are here to help!