Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Research Articles

  • Artificial Intelligence: Air Force Unprepared for 2025 Recommendation

    Captain Christopher D. KlareThe National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommended the Department of Defense (DoD) be AI-ready by 2025 in their Final Report to Congress in January of 2021. This recommendation stems from an undeclared AI arms race between United States’

  • Same Great Power Competition: New Reactions

    Captain Isabelle PerryThe United States faces a complex and rapidly advancing international climate in which it may no longer be the most powerful contender in the great power competition. Nations like China and Russia seek to displace democratic governments in favor of their own authoritarian

  • Information Warfare: The Art of Operational Planning

    Captain Gabrielle M. NesburgDescribed as, “The employment of military capabilities in and through the information environment to deliberately affect adversary human and system behavior,” Information Warfare presents an area in which the United States Air Force must invest to win future

  • China's Semiconductor Economic Statecraft

    Captain Alex CordellChina’s investments into supercomputing and semiconductor technologies have been rapidly advancing, and grossly overshadow similar investments by the United States. These technologies are the gateway to not just the future of warfare, but to the very premise of a modern

  • CCP Considerations in GPC

    Captain Curtis ChildersThis paper’s objective is to provide AFCENT with CCP focus areas that are in line with the shift to strategic power competition. The CCP has a growing popularity in the Middle East especially with their Belt Road Initiative which leads to large scale investment in