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US Space Command was activated 29 AUG 2019, becoming the nation’s 11th combatant command.
Pacific Air Forces celebrates 75 years of enduring presence in the Indo-Pacific region.
US Army Futures Command presentation on Multi-Domain Operations - 6 June 2019
US Air Forces Africa and the Kenyan Air Force hosts the 9th annual African Air Chief's Symposium (AACS) in Nairobi, Kenya, 26-29 August 2019.
Tomorrow’s fight for the air will likely be much more intense and lethal than air combat has been during the careers of those serving today.  The Air Force must prepare now to meet those formidable challenges.


  • The Catastrophic Success of the U.S. Air Force

    The Air Force’s immense success resulting from the courage, skill, and technological superiority of American airmen has now perversely made the service much less ready to fight the next big war.

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  • Air Force Manned Reconnaissance at a Crossroads

    After more than 25 years of successful but one-sided combat operations, plans to replace the U.S. Air Force’s legacy big-wing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft with new jets are in doubt.

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  • From Praetorian Guards to National Armies

    After African independences, new political authorities made the army the ultimate symbol of sovereignty—as a means of ensuring defense and territorial integrity as well as a foundation for nation building.

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