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  • Russia: A Bit Player

    No two nations consume U.S. defense and foreign policy bandwidth like Russia and China. They dominated the latest National Security Strategy (NSS), including prominent place in the analysis of “the Competition Between Democracies and Autocracies” and separate discussions of each as a

  • NATO Expansion and Russian Access to the Baltic Sea

    The recent NATO accession of Finland, and future accession of Sweden, complicates Russia’s access to and use of the Baltic Sea. Finland’s membership in NATO also further constrains Russian access to the Kaliningrad Oblast.

  • The Russian Defense Industry: Problems & Prospects

    The Russian Federation traditionally maintained a sizeable defense industry, both for domestic supply and foreign sales. Some arms-exporting relationships date from the Soviet era. The effect of sanctions, materiel losses in Ukraine, and the performance of some Russian weapons systems will constrain

  • Bottled up in the Baltic

    “The sides oppose further enlargement of NATO” and demanded the alliance abandon its “cold war approaches” according to the Sino-Russian Joint Statement signed just before Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.2 They failed spectacularly on that goal when Finland

  • The Wagner Group PMC: Efficiency and Desperation

    The massive increase in the Wagner Group’s numbers recently came from their recruitment of some 40,000 prisoners from Russian jails.2 That increase in manning, made the Private Military Group (PMG) an appetizing supplement for Russian leadership who are struggling to make gains in their war of


    The author selected the topic of satellite internet and its challenge to the stability ofVladimir Putin’s regime due to professional experience. During the timeframe from 2017throughout 2021, the author executed orders in Europe as a military operational plannerspecializing in information

  • Russian Spacepower Theory Evolution

     Russian leadership’s space investments, organizational choices, and actions indicate theirviews on spacepower most closely align with the western survival school of spacepower theory.US strategists should therefore expect Russia to prioritize investment in counterspace weapons,reduce