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  • Being resilient: Air University’s RTF promotes well-being for all service members

    As reported cases of suicide and mental health issues among service members increased, military leadership stepped in to unveil a new initiative encouraging support for service members and their families: The Spectrum of Resilience. Members of Air University's Resilience Research Task Force gathered at AFCLC to exchange perspectives and hear out-briefs from a group of Squadron Officer School’s Air University Advanced Research elective participants.
  • Sheppard instructor assists the Joint Task Force- Crisis Response team at 2022 World Cup

    While millions watched the 2022 World Cup, a team of five Arabic Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars, including Sheppard Air Force Base Instructor Staff Sgt. Zahra Karim Zadeh, worked behind the scenes with the Joint Task Force- Crisis Response team to bridge the language and cultural gap between the United States and multi-national forces.
  • LEAP Chapter Spotlight: Nellis/Creech Air Force Base

    Language-enabled service members at Air Force and joint bases worldwide connect at their local bases through LEAP Chapters. For example, Nellis and Creech Air Force Bases, located in Nevada, have a combined LEAP Chapter led by Pashto Afghan LEAP Scholar 1st Lt. Skyler Sharp as president, Spanish LEAP Scholar 1st Lt. Sierra Rodriguez as vice president, and 2nd Lt. Rayne Jones as secretary.
  • Language-enabled Airman Defines Agile Combat Employment for Japanese Partners

    Language, regional expertise, and culture education are essential to enabling Agile Combat Employment within the United States Air Force. Recently, Japanese LEAP Scholar Tech. Sgt. Chance Italiano defined and illustrated ACE for our partners at the Japanese Self-Defense Forces during the planning session for the 2022 COPE NORTH Exercise.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Jorge Nevarez

    “One of the things I’ve learned in LEAP is there’s a difference between knowing the language and understanding the culture behind it. That’s something that LEAP enhances - understanding the culture and learning the language. That’s one of the things that has made me successful in my job,” Portuguese LEAP Scholar Tech. Sgt. Jorge Nevarez said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: 2d Lt. Inkoo Kang

    “LEAP allowed me to gain an understanding of how the military values languages and how you don’t have to be a linguist in the military to contribute language skills," French LEAP Scholar 2d Lt. Inkoo Kang said.
  • Language-enabled Airmen support inaugural medical readiness exercise in Angola

    Language-enabled Airmen from the Air Force Culture and Language Center utilized their culture and language skills to support a historic medical readiness exercise between the United States and Angola, known as MEDREX.
  • Language Enabled Airmen Integrate with AFRICOM Partners During Silent Warrior 22

    Members of the Language Enabled Airman Program provided interpreter and translation support to more than 30 African nations during Special Operations Command Africa’s Annual Senior Leader Conference, Silent Warrior 22.
  • Introduction to South Korea Course Available on Culture Guide app

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently released an “Introduction to South Korea” culture course on its free Culture Guide mobile app.
  • LEAP Spotlight: SMSgt Martha “Priscilla” Meza

    “I believe LEAP is the art of cultural competency. LEAP and Intel go hand in hand. I can fuse my Intel background and Spanish speaking abilities to educate Airmen here on Kadena Air Base,” Spanish language LEAP Scholar Senior Master Sgt. Martha Meza said.
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    The Department will have the required combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities to meet current and projected needs.

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    Enhance partner interoperability and adversary understanding in Airmen through language, regional expertise, and culture education.

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