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  • LEAP Spotlight: Master Sgt. Patrick Singson

    “LEAP brought me closer to home and provided me with more leadership tools and skill sets. I instantly established a long-term personal and working relationship with our Philippine Armed Forces counterparts. Recently, I had the opportunity to utilize my language to be part of planning conferences for a historic bilateral exercise held annually in the Philippines. In addition, I get to witness how the program directly contributes to the overall Air Force mission in the pacific region," Tagalog LEAP Scholar Master Sgt. Patrick Singson said.
  • AFCLC and Squadron Officer School Establish First Formal Active-Duty Record for Cadet Language Events

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center partnered with the Squadron Officer School at Air University to establish the first process to formally recognize pre-commissioning language events for cadets from the United States Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC in an official United States Air Force system of record.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech Sgt. Volodymyr Palko

    “My first language intensive training event aiding U.S. Army Europe during the Ukraine crisis response immediately became the defining moment of my Air Force career to that point. I was in a situation for which I was uniquely qualified. The assignment gave me space to exercise my advanced level of Ukrainian and Russian foreign language proficiency," Ukrainian LEAP Scholar Tech Sgt. Volodymyr Palko said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Sagar Khadka

    "Being a multi-language capable Airman, LEAP has taught me how my own actions can have a positive or negative impact in the Air Force. I am constantly utilizing the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained through LEAP. During OAR, I quickly became deeply involved with advocating multiple aspects of cultural competency, both with the Afghan persons that arrived in America as well as with the thousands of service members providing for them at the base," Urdu and Nepalese LEAP Scholar SSgt. Sagar Khadka said.
  • Language Enabled Airman Supports F-35 Symposium with Japan Air Self-Defense Force

    Japanese Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar Master Sgt. Daniel Toth provided language and tactical support for the F-35 Lightning II Symposium hosted by the 354th Maintenance Group and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force at Misawa Air Base, Japan.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Darrell Moyers

    "I leverage my skills and cultural understanding in ways that keep the U.S. as the preferred partner of choice in areas subject to influence by rival countries. Again, going back to understanding a language versus just knowing one, I can relate to partners in a way others cannot. As such, I can leverage these relationships to pursue U.S interests and enhance regional security," French LEAP Scholar Maj. Darrell Moyers said.
  • AFCLC Culture Courses for Expeditionary Readiness Available Now in MyLearning

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s culture courses for expeditionary readiness are now available via the United States Air Force MyLearning platform in addition to AFCLC’s Culture Guide mobile app for course credit.
  • Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Colonel

    Congratulations to the LEAP Scholars and Foreign Area Officers who were recently promoted to the rank of Colonel in four Line of the Air Force developmental categories: Cross Functional Operations; Combat Support; Nuclear and Missile Operations; and Air Operations and Special Warfare.
  • AFCLC: Using Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture to Change the World

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center was officially born to fulfill a vision of a successful marriage of culture education and language training to deliberately develop within the General Purpose Force self-motivated, cross-culturally competent, and language-enabled service members with working-level foreign language proficiency. Armed with these skills, Airmen – and now Space Force Guardians – can better support the application of air and space power through strengthening partnerships and interoperability.
  • Language-Enabled Airmen Support Senior Enlisted Leader International Summit: The “Super Bowl of AFCLC LEAP LITES”

    During a strategic gathering of senior enlisted leaders from more than 60 partner nations, a team of 14 Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars from the Air Force Culture and Language Center were on the ground ensuring communication and collaboration happened effectively.
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