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To submit a proposal, download the fillable PDF form and email it to af.clc@us.af.mil

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You can also download the AFCLC Power Point presentation template for building your presentation

Download the 2020 AU LREC Symposium Powerpoint Template


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2020 Attendee Registration


 Update: The 5th Annual AU LREC Symposium is “Going Virtual” and the Call for Proposals Has Been Extended

 2020 Air University Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (AU LREC) Symposium

 Hosted from: Maxwell Air Force Base, (Montgomery) Alabama

 October 14-16, 2020


Dear Sir or Madam,

Due to the uncertainty concerning COVID 19 and current DOD travel restrictions, we have decided to hold the fifth annual Air University Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (AU LREC) Symposium as a virtual event, rather than in-person. The scheduled dates will not change. We are extending the deadline for submitting abstracts to July 15 (see below).  Guidance on how to present in a virtual setting will be sent at a later date via email, and also posted on our website and AFCLC social media platforms. Those who have already submitted an abstract do not need to do so again.

You will need to register to virtually attend and / or to be a presenter. Those who have previously registered need not do so again. Information on how to register and how to submit a proposal are shown below.

The symposium brings together LREC professionals from inside and outside the Air Force while providing a platform for academic exchange on topics specific to culture and language education in the military.

We are still seeking presenters for the symposium. This year we will be exploring the theme, “Hindsight 20/20, the Past Shapes Our Future."

The 2018 National Defense Strategy tells us we should work more effectively with interagency and coalition counterparts as a part of our mission to counter adversaries and deter future conflict.1

Supporting that strategy, our theme seeks to examine the last ten years of global operations and the effects that LREC had in planning for and executing those operations. We also wish to consider the anticipated impacts LREC can have on operations over the next ten years, specifically in the areas of culture, regional expertise, and language. We also seek to consider how we might learn lessons especially pertaining to LREC from the current worldwide pandemic, including mitigation strategies and how to enhance cooperation among nations.

Some questions we can examine include:

 -What have we done well regarding implementing and employing LREC throughout our national defense strategy? What areas need improvement or additional emphasis?

 -What effects have LREC education and strategies had on real world operations – including nation building, disaster and pandemic relief, security operations, and others?

 -What have we learned from our efforts at teaching cross-cultural competence and our language strategies?

 -How can we better employ virtual reality technologies in our specialties?

 -Are we making a difference in professional military education and producing total force members who are ready to influence operations worldwide? Are we teaching the right skill sets?

These are only some of the ways that our theme, “Hindsight 20/20, the Past Shapes Our Future” may help facilitate productive exchanges at the 2020 AU LREC Symposium. As world historical conditions are rapidly changing, we anticipate that the issues that matter to our participants will likewise continue to change. We invite your submissions to broaden and deepen our shared understanding of this important topic.

Submission Information and Registration:

The call for proposals abstract template and the optional symposium PowerPoint template are all available at this link: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/AFCLC/AU-LREC/

You can also register for the event at the link.

Key Dates

July 15, 2020: last day to submit an abstract

August 4, 2020: Email notice of acceptance/rejection or recommendations for revision and submission (This email will contain guidance and technical information concerning how presentations will be hosted, loaded, and presented).

September 1, 2020: presentations due

Your participation will help to make the symposium a success! If you have questions, contact us at the telephone numbers and/or email address below.


2020 Symposium Steering Committee


US Air Force Culture and Language Center

551 E. Maxwell Blvd

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Email: af.clc@us.af.mil

334-953-7450, DSN 493-7450




551 E. Maxwell Blvd, Bldg 500, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112