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  • PAC graduates describe the course as “well worth the time.”

    One of our summer PACs included Brig. Gen. Steven Edwards, Col. George Dietrich and Chief Master Sgt. Heriberto Diaz. They each took a moment to look back at the course to discuss how the information and instruction would assist them in moving forward into their new assignments.

  • GOPAC, COMPAC: Shaping airpower with education

    Inside of a conference room at the Air Force Culture and Language Center, general officers and commanders have been quietly meeting, training, and preparing pre-deployment and pre-assignment for their journeys around the world. “There is a great deal of preparation to be completed before deploying

  • General officers receive culture training at AFCLC

    Expeditionary culture training for members of any rank is a paramount focus of the Air Force Culture and Language Center. That vision is only accomplished with full accountability of premier training for all Airmen, including general officers. The AFCLC ensured that vision with its 2016 schedule of

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