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  • Italian LEAP scholars Contribute to Contingency Operations

    Last month, Italian Language Enabled Airman (LEAP) scholar Maj Derreck Monnier led a five-scholar document translation team in support of the USCENTOM Vendor Vetting Branch. LEAP scholars Capt Grazia Castagna, Capt Marco Catanese, Capt Scott Divett, and Capt Stefanie DePriest worked with Maj Monnier to translate a 13-page document from Italian into English.
  • LEAP Scholars on the Front Lines with COVID-19

    Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) track and investigate millions of cases of illnesses across the world. In late 2019, a novel coronavirus appeared in China, which had never been seen before and quickly blanketed the country. Epidemiologists conducted field investigations to learn as much as possible about the new virus, especially where it came from, its communicability, and its lethality.

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