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  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj Daria C. Awusah

    "Serving as a Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar has been one of the main highlights of my professional career. The language training and the regional and culture training I developed through LEAP’s various programs enabled me to execute the mission of teaching human rights and international

  • LEAP Scholars participate in first Area Studies Immersion in Sierra Leone

    Air Force Tech Sgt. Jude Baidoo, medical technician, Boston MEPS, is one of only 11 LEAP Scholars developed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) in the African language Krio. His career-spanning involvement in the highly selective program resulted in his participation in the

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt Eric Bentum

    I look at LEAP like an honor society for language scholars in the Air Force because it brings together language proficient, culturally competent, and like-minded Air Force members and affords them a broader opportunity to serve the United States in unique and diverse ways their regular career fields

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Darrell Moyers

    "I leverage my skills and cultural understanding in ways that keep the U.S. as the preferred partner of choice in areas subject to influence by rival countries. Again, going back to understanding a language versus just knowing one, I can relate to partners in a way others cannot. As such, I can

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