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AFCLC Now Offers Transcripts for Language Enabled Servicemembers

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  • By AFCLC Outreach Team

The Air Force Culture and Language Center has incorporated an automated course transcript for servicemembers with an active Language Enabled Development Resource profile. The Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Transcript documents AFCLC-facilitated LREC courses, such as Language Intensive Training Events, eMentor courses, and Foreign Area Officer In-Region Training.

A transcript can be helpful to servicemembers for purposes such as tracking LREC development, applying for military and civilian programs and achieving course or experience credit through civilian institutions of learning.

Additionally, AFCLC has begun transmitting data on completed courses to the Military Personnel Data System. Courses completed through the AFCLC will now reflect in the system of record for Language Enabled Airman Program scholars, Foreign Area Officers, and select Mobility Support Advisory Squadron members and Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents.

For more information on the LREC transcript, please reference the AFCLC Course Catalog and LREC Transcript FAQs under Resources in LEaDeR.

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