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  • Alabama Governor declares November as LREC Month

    Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has declared November as Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Month in honor of the 8th Annual Air University LREC Symposium, which will take place at Maxwell Air Force Base on 15-17 November 2023.

  • LEAP Scholars participate in Argentina Advanced Special Emphasis Course

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s U.S. Southern Command expert, Dr. Daniel Uribe, recently served as a guide for seven Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars who participated in an Advanced Special Emphasis Course in Argentina. This ASE course is one of AFCLC’s many training tactics

  • LEAP Spotlight: Master Sgt. Ricardo Cepeda Pastrana

    "LEAP has helped me see the value of coming in with LREC skills, particularly now that there is a great emphasis on the Multi-Capable Airmen concept. If you’re a LEAP Scholar, consider yourself a screened and well-qualified MCA with a unique skillset that can’t be gained in a few weeks’ course,"

  • Building Partner Capacity in Romania with Language Support

    Language, regional expertise, and culture skills are key to enabling Agile Combat Employment in Air Force missions. When the Air Force Office of Special Investigations needed language support for critical operations in Romania, Master Sgt. Christina Bennett, a Romanian Scholar in the Air Force’s

  • AFCLC Develops multi capable Airmen through isolated immersions

    The National Defense Strategy calls for the development of multi-capable Airmen who are postured for integration with allies and partners and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy Agile Combat Employment. The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s isolated immersion program is

  • AU LREC Symposium: LREC Skills, A Military Imperative

    Hundreds of service members, academics, scholars, and professionals in the language, regional expertise, and culture community gathered at Maxwell Air Force Base Oct. 19-21, 2022, to explore the importance of LREC skills to partner interoperability, adversary understanding, and military operations

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