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LEAP Scholar Accepted for Two Prestigious Programs

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Congratulations to Language Enabled Airman Capt. Aaron R. Pilkington upon his acceptance to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Captains Prestigious Ph.D. Program as well as the U.S. Air Force Academy Faculty Pipeline Ph.D. Scholarship, which he accepted. The U.S. Air Force Academy Faculty Pipeline Ph.D. Scholarship is a faculty sustainment initiative allowing USAFA to bring students with higher degrees in various backgrounds back to the Academy as instructors.

“I joined the Air Force in 2004 to learn Arabic and work as a cryptologic linguist. Learning Arabic instilled in me an enduring curiosity of Middle East culture, history, and contemporary affairs. My language ability, experiences gained while assigned to various Air Force and joint missions, and strong desire to develop as a regional expert drove me to take advantage of each educational opportunity. After commissioning as an Intel Officer, I was selected into the Language Enabled Airman Program as an Arabic LEAP scholar. eMentor online courses and Language Intensive Training Events honed my Arabic abilities, enabling me to translate scores of Arabic sources and produce high-quality graduate research. The combination of my experience, language skills and regional expertise, and ambition led the Air Force Academy to select me for a Faculty Pipeline Ph.D. scholarship in preparation for an assignment as a professor of U.S. foreign policy and strategy in the Middle East within the Military and Strategic Studies department. My family and I are profoundly grateful for the educational opportunities afforded through LEAP and various schools. I am enthralled at the prospect of conducting scholarly research, earning a doctorate, and instructing cadets on topics in which I am keenly intrigued.”

 -- Arabic LEAP Scholar Capt. Aaron Pilkington

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