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AU Press Publishes Special Edition of JIPA with AFCLC

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  • By Lori Quiller, AFCLC Outreach Team

Last October, the Air Force Culture and Language Center hosted the 5th Annual Air University Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Symposium for the first time entirely using a virtual format due to COVID-19 restrictions. The AU LREC Symposium brought together a record-breaking 2,100 attendees for panels and presentations on topics related to the past two decades of global operations that examined U.S. foreign policy as it has been applied around the globe.


Following the conclusion of the event, Dr. Jessica Jordan, AFCLC’s Assistant Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Asia) and one of the AU LREC event planners, began working with Air University Press on a special edition of The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs to highlight some of the many presentations with an eye toward Indo-Pacific operations. Dr. Jordan worked closely with AU Press on the special edition, which published today, 1 June 2021, and is also the publication’s guest editor.


Read and download the special edition of The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, Volume 4 Issue 4 – Special Issue 2021 – featuring presentations from the 5th Annual AU LREC Symposium


“Many presenters during the AU LREC Symposium made recommendations for improvements while considering the anticipated impacts that LREC education could have on global operations over the next 10 years,” Dr. Jordan said. “This special edition of The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs features papers that successfully combine academic research and experience-based insights about Indo-Pacific operations toward suggesting specific, actionable recommendations.”


Published by the Air University Press, The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (JIPA) is a professional journal of the Department of the Air Force and a forum for worldwide dialogue regarding the Indo-Pacific region, spanning the west coasts of the Americas to the eastern shores of Africa and covering much of Asia and all of Oceania. The journal fosters intellectual and professional development for the Air and Space Force members and the world’s other English-speaking militaries. It informs decision-makers and academics around the globe.

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