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18 LEAP Scholars Selected for FAO

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SAF/IA logoCongratulations to our Language Enabled Airmen Program Scholars who recently transitioned to the Foreign Area Officer Core Career Field! FAOs are regional experts who operate in unique international, joint, and interagency roles, often with significant interaction with senior military and civilian officials from the United States, allies, and partners. Their regional expertise, education, and professional foreign language competency help build effective relationships, sustaining coalitions and regional stability, security cooperation, and multi-national operations. The Air Force develops a cadre of air-/space-connected FAOs, leveraging their expertise to infuse the Department of the Air Force with internationally-minded officers in the 21st century great power competition.

The 16F Development Team boarded and selected 34 officers for deliberate development and re-core as FAOs. Of the 34 selectees, 18 are LEAP scholars, a 53% selection rate from LEAP.

Please join the Air Force Culture and Language Center in congratulating our LEAP scholars selected as Foreign Area Officers!

Maj. West, Mark W.
Maj. Kress, Calvin J.
Capt. Morrissey, Samuel L.
Maj. Bustamante, Hugo R.
Maj. Elowe, Nathan D.
Maj. Skelton, Kevin J.
Maj. Tanen, Dustin R.
Capt. Pharr, Michael Ryan
Maj. Mangrich, Zachary T.
Capt. Samhat, Zouheir Nassif
Maj. Watkins, Cheryl A.
Capt. Marshall, Laura M.
Capt. An, Guktae
Capt. Chien, Jimmy J.
Capt. Yu, Troy
Maj. Davis, Tarasita
Capt. Bunescu, Alexandru
Maj. Cubillos Fonseca, Angelica

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