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LEAP Scholar Capt. Maira Garza Supports 12th Air Force

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Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar Capt. Maira Garza is currently providing Spanish language support to the 12th Air Force in Guatemala for a site survey supporting Resolute Sentinel Exercise Related Construction and Humanitarian Assistance Program projects. During this Training Partnership Request, Capt. Garza worked with Guatemalan Emergency Response Agencies, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and various Department of Defense representatives.

Capt. Kathryn Stuard, 12th Air Force, the sponsor for this request, stated: “We truly would not have been able to be successful without [Capt Garza’s] abilities. Her assistance has gone far beyond simply speaking the language. Her cultural knowledge and infectious personality have also led to great relationship building and discussions far more productive than we would otherwise have had. In addition to providing a professional and adept interface with host nation officials, Capt Garza eagerly helps the team through all manner of small tasks such as ordering meals or processing through the domestic airport. Capt. Garza jumps at any opportunity to help teach the Guatemalan cultures and customs to the group and is strengthening an entire team of U.S. Air Force and Army personnel to be better ambassadors in this country!”

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