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Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Master Sergeant

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  • By Mikala McCurry, AFCLC Outreach Team

Congratulations to the Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars who were recently selected for promotion to the rank of master sergeant! 31 of the 4,040 service members selected for promotion in this year’s highly competitive process are LEAP Scholars, which is the highest number of LEAP enlisted service members selected for promotion to this rank to date.

According to the Air Force Personnel Center, the 22E7 promotion cycle marked the United State Air Force’s lowest E-7 promotion rate since 2010, with 14.8 percent of eligible tech sergeants selected for promotion. This was also the highest number of eligible candidates since 2010, with 27,296 eligible candidates. 

Promotion to master sergeant marks an Airman's first step into assuming senior non-commissioned officer duties. We applaud you all on reaching this milestone in your careers and look forward to witnessing your accomplishments at your next level!

MSgt (s) Spencer A. Allen
MSgt (s) Renan A. Almeida
MSgt (s) Marina  P. Blizard
MSgt (s) Nikola Bozic
MSgt (s) Daniel Carrazco
MSgt (s) Jayson V. Dictaan
MSgt (s) Andres Elias
MSgt (s) Carlos Flores Reynes
MSgt (s) Kanako Fromm
MSgt (s) Sarah C. Garcia
MSgt (s) Kevin A. Gutierrez
MSgt (s) Jacob W. Haines
MSgt (s) James J. Han
MSgt (s) Stefany R. Hill
MSgt (s) Maria K. Jarr
MSgt (s) Jan Khanitsky
MSgt (s) Nathaniel R. Kjos
MSgt (s) Daniela P. Knutson
MSgt (s) Jeffrey R. Lugo
MSgt (s) Sergey A. Marinin
MSgt (s) Anthony I. Navarra
MSgt (s) Kevin U. Pedraza
MSgt (s) Hugo A. Perez
MSgt (s) Alberto Rivera
MSgt (s) Daniel Sanchez
MSgt (s) Eduardo H. Tapia
MSgt (s) Juan P. Vasquez
MSgt (s) David Vazquez
MSgt (s) Luis F. Velez
MSgt (s) Kyrylo O. Verbytskyy
MSgt (s) Dan C. Visan

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