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LEAP Club Directory

AFCLC does not run LEAP clubs and information provided by LEAP clubs is not official guidance from the AFCLC. LEAP clubs are private organizations on military installations started and run by LEAP scholars. Service members can join LEAP clubs to learn more about LEAP and tips for applying to the LEAP board, language professional development, or networking with other LEAP scholars. To join a LEAP club at your base, contact the POC listed below by looking up their information in Global. To register your LEAP club in the directory or to update your club's contact info, contact the AFCLC Outreach team at



Fairchild AFB, WA

President: Capt Abror Samatov

Vice President: SrA Jamel Zoubir

Treasurer: SSgt Gabriel Garcia-Castaneda

Secretary: A1C Hongri Kang


Incirlik AB, Turkey

President: TSgt Elad Levy


Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

President: Capt Roberth Walkony

Vice President: MSgt Miraflor

Treasurer: MSgt Sison

Secretary: SSgt Schierer


Kirtland AFB, NM

President: TSgt Austin Heacock


Langley AFB, VA

President: TSgt Hilton Coraliz Jr


Misawa AB, Japan

POCs: MSgt Alain Mukendi and Capt Byron Muhlenberg


Ramstein AB, Germany

President: TSgt Richard Tucker


Scott AFB, MO

President: MSgt Srun Sookmeewiriya

Shaw AFB, SC

President: SSgt Kenichi Watanabe


Yokota AB, Japan

President: Lt Patrick Taylor

Vice President: SSgt Fabian Wood

551 E. Maxwell Blvd, Bldg 500, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112