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eMentor courses are online language and culture courses developed and managed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC). The traditional language training method of sending members away from their home station for extended training is not always possible for service members with high mission ops tempo. Therefore, the AFCLC created eMentor courses through which service members are provided live online instructor-facilitated language training in a distance-learning environment. eMentor courses cater to dynamic operational tempos enabling service members across time zones to take classes at prearranged days and times. 

eMentor courses synchronously connect service members anywhere in the world with native-level language instructors at times convenient for each service member’s schedule. Course curricula is based on the “Twelve Domains of Culture” model which are universal categories of interaction and belief adopted by the AFCLC and integrated into all levels of Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture education and training. Instruction is participant-centered and tailored to each service member’s learning needs. Lesson content is infused with topics culturally relevant to regions where service members may be expected to operate seamlessly with partner nation military forces and civilians around the world. eMentor courses assess, enhance, and sustain service members’ language skills over the course of their careers. Courses are available in 97 different languages and dialects. Courses may be approved by the AFCLC for any Total Force service member – Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, or Civilian. 

Courses enable service members to develop language skills and apply those skills in operational environments. Students are expected to be proactive in driving their learning experience to meet their language needs. The AFCLC facilitates four categories of courses: Traditional (developmental) Courses, Advanced Courses, eMersion (hybrid online and overseas immersion) and Special Project Courses.

Language Enabled Airman Program scholars, Foreign Area Officers, and all other service members who have a profile established in the Language Enabled Development Resource (LEaDeR) system can apply for courses at

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