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eMersion Course

eMersions are blended eMentor online synchronous language courses with Language Intensive Training Event (LITE) immersions. These courses, developed and funded by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC), are designed to meet the learning needs of Airmen and Guardians whose language skills approximate ILR level 1 thru 2+. Upon completion of the course, Scholars will receive credit for both an eMentor course and a LITE.


This course approach was developed to provide a language-focused, holistic method for Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) Scholar development. The eMersion combines the very best aspects of eMentor and LITEs to maximize language and cultural development.


LEAP Scholars are selected for the eMersion course based upon their availability, past training experience, program and training funds availability. Prior to the immersion, students will meet with their online eMentor instructor once a week for a two-hour session over four weeks to address language learning techniques, to identify developmental goals, orient to the target culture, and discuss the destination country’s military and political systems. During the immersion, students will be challenged to speak the language daily in a regionally and culturally complex setting, the experience will be fully immersive with activities and discussions throughout the day. Following the immersion, students will meet with the same eMentor instructor once a week for a two-hour session over two weeks to focus on reintegration and the student’s final course presentation.


The eMentor instructor will assess each student’s proficiency on the eMentor 20-point scale based on observations during the first six hours of the course; scores will be provided for each modality – listening, reading, speaking, and writing and will correspond to the ILR scale. Course completion will be documented in the student’s official personnel record.

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