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LEAP - Language Enabled Airman Program

The Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) is an Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) managed, volunteer program open to Active Duty officer and enlisted Airmen and in most career fields.  LEAP deliberately develops language enabled, cross-cultural service members across the General Purpose Force (GPF) with working-level foreign language proficiency.  With these skills, LEAP scholars can better support the application of air and space power through strengthening partnerships, interoperability, and adversary understanding.
To become a LEAP scholar, service members must demonstrate some level of proficiency in a foreign language specified on the Air Force Strategic Language List, receive endorsement from their unit commander, and compete via a board process.  Selection to LEAP is based on applicants’ academic history and job performance, existing language proficiency, potential to achieve higher levels of language proficiency, and Department of the Air Force language requirements.



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General Inquiries
Commercial Phone: 334-953-7729

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Need LEAP Support?
If you have questions about applying to Leap please contact our AFCLC LEAP Selection Team.
If you are currently a LEAP scholar and have questions about your record contact AFCLC Language Division.
If you have questions about an upcoming LITE or eMentor contact AFCLC LEAP Admin Support.

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Important Dates

Application and LEAP Board Schedule

2023 Cadet Application Submission Window

  • 30 Jan - 10 Mar 2023

​​2023 Cadet Board

  • ​11 - 12 Apr 2023

2023 Active Duty Application Submission Window

  • 1 May - 14 Jul 2023

2023 Active Duty Board

  • Enlisted (15-16 Aug 2023)
  • Officers (17-18 Aug 2023)