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Ready Airman Training

AFCLC’s Ready Airman Training (RAT) portfolio consists of three primary programs. These include the development and maintenance of Expeditionary Culture Field Guides (ECFGs),  the General Officer Pre-deployment Acculturation Course (GOPAC), and Computer-based Ready Airman Training (RAT) Courses.
  • ECFGs contain essential cultural elements pertaining to the cross-cultural environment – from individual verbal and nonverbal interactions, to general knowledge about applicable past diplomatic and military engagements.
  • GOPAC provides formal, tailored cultural/region/language instruction to Air Force general officers (GOs) being assigned to  year-long command and staff assignments in culturally complex locations where the GOs will interact frequently with host national counterparts.
  • RAT Courses are designed to equip Airmen with basic skills which will help them operate more effectively in foreign cultures, particularly combat zones.


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