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  • Negotiation Lessons from the Movie "Draft Day"

    Negotiation consumes our lives and is a skill worth improving. I enjoy watching movies for the excitement and entertainment they provide. I especially like movies involving sports; however, when you throw negotiations into the mix, then I really enjoy them! Most of my professional life deals with

  • An Overview of the AFNC Strategies

    “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But, let us never fear to negotiate.”                                                                                                                                 John F KennedyI. IntroductionBecause we are social by nature, we constantly interact with others.

  • Trust, Information, Power and Options (TIPO) Analysis Framework

    Trust, Information, Power, and Options (TIPO) i is a simple framework may help you assess your situation which, in turn, will guide your NSC negotiating strategy selection. Also, the TIPO (pronounced “typo”) framework can help you understand the negotiating strategy that the opposite may be using

  • The Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

    BATNAsi are elegantly simple in concept, but notoriously difficult to execute.   A BATNA is the option a negotiating party might execute should the negotiations fail.  The key is that the BATNA must be executed without the involvement of the opposite.  A BATNA is not the negotiation’s “bottom line”

  • Shortcuts to Cooperative Negotiating Strategies

    This quick tips list is a “bare-bones” description of the five essential cooperative negotiating strategies and tips on when, where and why to use each.The Basics1. Everything is a negotiation – sometimes you negotiate with yourself (like when to get up on a Saturday morning after a tough week), but

  • Negotiation a core capability for all Airmen

    The SecAF announced a commitment to formally solidify the Air Force Negotiation Center as the focal point for negotiation research, teaching and outreach efforts while speaking at the Women in Negotiation Summit in New York City Oct. 1.“Building negotiating skills into leadership training throughout

  • Military Assistance in Support of Negotiations

    This article presents potential Military Assistance (MA) concepts of operations in support of specific security policy objectives, and it proposes feasible new concepts in MA operations for future NATO Special Operations Forces (SOF). Several of these ideas are explored, mainly through the lens of

  • Take it or leave it: How to control a negotiation like a game theorist

    If you want to be an expert negotiator — or even a savvy game theorist — you must master one thing. Patience. Kevin Zollman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and one of the leading game theorists in America today, offers us some insight into how to gain the upper hand when it comes to negotiating.

  • 10 Tips to Ensure Win-Win Outcomes

    To some people, the word negotiation has a negative connotation. Typically, these people feel that negotiation is what a salesperson does to get them to buy his products and services. But negotiation is not a negative thing. In fact, every one of us negotiates almost every waking hour of every