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  • Strategies for Resolving the Cyber Attribution Challenge

    Technical challenges are not a great hindrance to global cyber security cooperation; rather, a nation’s lack of cybersecurity action plans that combine technology, management procedures, organizational structures, law, and human competencies into national security strategies are. Strengthening

  • Integrated Defense: Lessons Learned from Joint Base Balad

    Base defense—defending one’s air assets on the ground—is one of the least understood operational aspects of airpower. The current USAF strategy for defending air bases is integrated defense (ID). This study examines the first full implementation of ID in a combat environment in

  • A Giant in the Shadows

    This paper examines the military career of Maj Gen Benjamin Foulois. It emphasizes the personal qualities and professional skill that enabled him to rapidly build up and lead the air arm of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) to victory in World War I. While previous academic works have focused

  • Air Force Command and Control: The Need for Increased Adaptability

    The study captures the results of a CSAF directed analysis on USAF command and control (C2). The study examined Air Force C2 in seven cases covering the spectrum of conflict to determine whether doctrine and organizational structures require change to fit uncertain and dynamic future scenarios. The

  • The Credibility of America's Extended Nuclear Deterrent

    As Iran moves ever closer to a nuclear weapons capability, will other area powers such as Turkey decide to acquire their own nuclear weapons and embark on a crash nuclear weapons program to provide their own deterrent? Or will Turkey’s leaders trust in the United States’ extended nuclear

  • On the Fly: Israeli Airpower against the Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000–2005

    Perhaps the greatest lesson the Israeli Air Force should have learned from the five-year campaign against Palestinian militants in the Occupied Territories was the danger inherent in planning from past success. It had long been accustomed to fight short, sharp, conventional wars. Operation Ebb and

  • AF Symposium Series 2010-2, Future Operator Symposium Proceedings

    In July 2009 the Air Force Research Institute invited more than 270 active duty personnel, 14 general officers, and Department of Defense civilians to a “Future Operator Symposium” at Maxwell Air Force Base. The objective was to discuss what operators should look like in the future by

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