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  • Electromagnetic Defense Task Force 2.0—2019 Report

    In spring 2019 Air University hosted subject matter experts from across the country to expand on the accomplishments of the inaugural Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF). Building on the 2018 summit, the 2019 EDTF summit advanced and amplified recommendations to leaders nationwide, ensuring the call for awareness, preparation, defense, and mitigation is sounded far and wide. Using extensive research and expertise, EDTF 2.0 participants have contributed to understanding, preparedness, and resilience for communities throughout the United States. [Maj David Stuckenberg, USAF; Amb. R. James Woolsey, Col Douglas DeMaio, USAF; Editor: Donna Budjenska / 2019 / 130 pages / ISSN: 2575-6737 / AU Press Code: LP-4].