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AU Press FAQs


Do I have to be at Maxwell to receive the free publications?

Our publications are available to everyone at no cost in electronic formats.

Do you have "The Little Brown Book"? 

It is not our publication. AFI 36-2618, Enlisted Force Structure, is commonly called "The Little Brown Book." AFIs and many other Department of the Air Force publications such as AFH 33-337, The Tongue and Quill, are available from Air Force e-Publishing.

Can you send me copies of The Military Commander and the Law?

The Military Commander and the Law is available from The Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps.

Can I order Air Force doctrine documents (AFDD)? 

AU Press does not publish AFDDs. They are available through the LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education.


What kinds of publications does AU Press publish?

We publish texts on airpower, space power, and cyber power for national security. More specifically, we are interested in the kinds of topics in the Air University Research Topics List.

How can I publish with AU Press? 

Please refer to AU-1, Air University Style and Author Guide, page 199, the "Air University Press Author Guide." The author guide contains information about AU Press policies and procedures.

I am not in the Air Force, but I have a manuscript I'd like to submit. Would it be considered? 


Can you publish my paper even though it has been published before?

Under certain conditions. Please contact AU Press at aupress@us.af.mil.

Are all your authors in the military?

No. Knowledgeable civilian authors are welcome to submit manuscripts for consideration. The Publications Review Board decides which book manuscripts we publish.

Do all your authors attend school at Maxwell?



Can you provide books on the CSAF Reading List?

Most books on the chief of staff's reading list come from commercial publishing houses. Copies are available from book sellers and in libraries.

I'm getting ready to enroll in ACSC or AWC. Can you send me the course books?

You will need to contact ACSC/AWC about course books.

I lost my course books during my last move. I remember getting most of them from you. Can you replace them for me?

AU Press publications are available as PDFs from our website.

Do you have the books I will need for PME?

Please contact the schools. If any AU Press books are on their lists, you can download PDF copies from our website.

I would like to obtain Strategic Studies Quarterly.

Please visit the Strategic Studies Quarterly website.

I would like to obtain the Air & Space Power Journal.

Please visit the Air & Space Power Journal website.