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Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

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  • Book Cover - AU 26 Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

    Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

    Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Dr. Daniel Connelly, and Maj Michael D. Williams, USAF   
    Defining leadership is a daunting task because there so many definitions. In fact, if you research the term, you will discover, according to Stogdill, as many definitions of leadership as there are leaders. That statement suggests that leadership is an individual and personal effort. Developing leaders must find a model or theory that best fits their organization. Organizations at Air University are utilizing the full range of leadership approach. Initially introduced by James MacGregor Burns in 1978 and Bernard Bass in 1985, these transformational and transactional leadership styles have sustained for nearly four decades. [Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Air University, Dr. Daniel Connelly, Air university, Maj Michael D. Williams, USAF / 2017 / 84 pages / ISBN: 9781585662746 / AU Press Code: AU-26]

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